Can-not see any Spots2018-03-14T21:45:49+00:00

Go to Spot Manager and select (left click) “Show all” spots

Deleting a Spot2018-03-14T22:28:31+00:00

Hover you cursor over the spot and right click your mouse. Select delete and left click. Make sure to Acknowledge warning pop-up.

Moving a Spot2018-03-14T22:33:30+00:00

Hover your cursor over the spot, right click and select edit, a small popup will appear over the spot icon (draggable), press and hold left click on the spot and move it to a new location. Make sure to press the “update” button on the new pop-up window to the right.

Changing the appearance of a Spot2018-03-14T22:39:24+00:00

A spot will inherit its appearance from its Category/Group/Type and this appearance can be changed at any time, you can either change the current Category/Group/type appearance or you can edit an existing spot and list it under a different Category/Group/Type.

Adding a document or image file to a Spot2018-03-14T22:38:33+00:00
  • Adding a document (PDF) or image file (JPEG, PNG) to a spot is simple. You can import a Document or Image when you create a new spot. If the spot has already been created then simply right click the relative spot and select the edit option. The Spot box will appear at the right hand side of the screen. Left click inside the upload document / image box, the box will become active and send you to your desktop. Drag the document or image across and into the upload box. (a small progress bar will appear below the new item, you will need to wait until it has finished uploading) (Document or image size will determine the time to upload. Keep images to a lower resolution @ 100kb to 500kb for successful and speedy uploading).
  • Any uploaded images will appear in the slideshow. PDF’s will appears as attachments for slideshow.
Deleting a document or image file from a Spot2018-03-14T22:40:32+00:00
  • Select the Spot to which the file / image is associated, right click over the spot and select the edit function. The Spot box will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the box to locate the file to be removed. Directly underneath the file is the word “Remove” place your cursor over the Remove and left click. Item will be deleted. Remember to update your action at the bottom of the box when finished.
  • To delete the file permanently from the server, you will need to delete the spot with the file attached. This action will delete the file permanently and remove it from your profile size limit.
Turning on the glowing effect (Pulse) function for a Spot2018-03-15T08:19:14+00:00
  • The glowing effect is applied to all spots under a time based Category. The glowing effect is activated when a spot date / time is within the value you have set in settings at the “spot glowing effect duration” section. If the spot is created or modified outside of that value it will not glow unless you select the orange time clock which will change the time to current UTC. The glowing effect duration is determined by the user. The glowing duration applies to all spots once set.
  • To change the glowing effect for spots, go to your User icon drop down menu. Select Settings. A new box will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Move to the “spots glowing effect duration” section. You can change the duration from zero (0) (turned off) to any number of hours you may need. The duration is realised in real time hours. When done be sure to select the “Update” button at the bottom of the box.
Export your Map as image2018-03-14T22:57:43+00:00
  • Export map function will capture your current view of the map.
  • To Export the image on your operating screen go to your User drop down menu and select “Export Map” A new smaller window will open in the middle of your operating screen. You will see that a new copy of your image is captured within that box. The exported image will be save on your computer.
Export your Spots data2018-03-14T23:01:13+00:00
  • Exporting Spots will generate an spreadsheet (CSV) with full details of each spot that has been generated. The spots will be exported if they are showing currently on your maps.
  • To Export Spots, go to your User drop down menu and select “Export Spots”. Export spots will not be created on your screen. The system will simply save a spreadsheet file on your computer with the information on your computer.
  • To view the separate sheet file simply right click on the file and open with an appropriate software
  • Details provided on the spread sheet include:- ID / Title / Description / Category / Group / Type / Country / Location Tags / MGRS / Latitude / Longitude / Date & Time created.
Using full features of Google Maps with OPSMAPIA2018-03-24T13:00:44+00:00

To use the full features of Google Maps simply right click on anywhere on the map and choose “show on external map”, the system will take you to Google Maps where you can use all of the features such as Directions, Street View..etc.

Change the speed of the Ticker-tape function2018-03-14T23:06:12+00:00
  • To change the speed of the Ticker-Tape function across the bottom of your screen, Go to your User drop down Menu and select – Settings.
  • While the Setting pop up box located on the right hand side of the screen is open find the Ticker-Tape Duration area. The adjustment is made by sliding the adjustment box to the left for faster or to the right for slower.
  • Remember to press the Update button when done.
Pausing the Ticker-tape function2018-03-14T23:07:13+00:00

To pause the Ticker-Tape scrolling across the page. On the main screen to the far left of the Ticker-Tape is a Pause button. To restart the Ticker-Tape go back to this button and press the Play button.

Refreshing OPSMAPIA2018-03-24T13:00:56+00:00

Simply click the OpsMapia Logo and the system will be re-initialized, this normally takes between 5 – 15 seconds depending on your internet connection speed.

I want to see only certain Spots on the screen at any time2018-03-15T08:17:27+00:00
  • Users are able to view all or none or some of the active spots. At the Spot Manager box, Either use Show All to see all, or Hide All to hide all spots.
  • If you only want to show or hide some of the active spots, move your cursor to the hierarchical tree in the Spot Manager box and either select or de-select each Category / Group or Type as needed. Watch the screen as you do this and you will see instantly spots turning on and off as you select.
  • This action will filter the spot list review.
  • This filter will be saved in your bowser so whenever to switch to another browser it will not appear.
I can-not change or edit a Spot or an Overlay (User Level Restrictions)2018-03-14T23:10:15+00:00

Changing and editing Spots is a privilege granted by your System Administrator. If you find you are unable to create Spots or make any changes to existing Spots, please speak to your local Administrator and discuss your access rights.

I want OPSMAPIA to open to the same view at Login (Set Current)2018-03-24T13:01:31+00:00
  • Each time you log in to OpsMapia it makes sense to present you with a preset screen showing the map view of your field of operations. Nothing worse than logging in and seeing the great wall of China every time when you work in the deep south of Afghanistan.
  • Locate your preferred location and zoom level (this is the view that you want to see very time you log in) when happy with the view proceed.
  • Go to User and select Settings. A new box will appear on the right hand side of the screen
  • Left click the orange (set current) beside (Default Map Style) and the faded box will collect your current Map style
  • Left click the orange (set current) beside (Default Lat / Lng / Zoom) and it will fetch your current Map settings.
  • Now go to the bottom and press the (Update) button. The system will acknowledge the change and will be re-initialized with your new settings.