OPSMAPIA is a simple to use, flexible and highly customizable Mapping Information System that is unique in todays market place. As a result of the confidence we have our product, service and quality, we have decided that our pricing plans will remain attractive for all levels of users.

Contact us for any of the following options:
  • OPTION 1
    Build your own system from the bottom up, OPSMAPIA operations team will assist you with the development. OPSMAPIA was originally designed by security experts for security markets, however, it is customisable for use in any industry sector, contact us with your idea.

  • OPTION 2
    Selected Country Real-Time Incidents and Risk Overview, updated continuously throughout the day by OPSMAPIA analysts, a service that is carried out uniquely by HUMINT, not AI.
  • OPTION 3
    Let us know if your country of interest isn’t covered. Our team of analysts are able to adapt to new environments, and building reliable information streams that include Real-Time incident updates.
  • OPTION 4
    Non-Commercial Use: Looking for a secure dedicated platform? Contact us for solutions that includes adapting to your requirement, and storing the code on your own servers to ensure security and business resilience.